Establishing the capability to deliver the strategy

Wakefield & Associates provides a wide range of courses specifically designed to meet our client’s needs.

A Holistic View of Organisations

An introductory look at the key components of an organisation from a holistic viewpoint. The course covers the meaning and significance of an organisation’s values, mission, vision, strategy, structure, systems, capability, culture, and alliances (the extended organsiation).

Strategy and Planning Systems

The course assists people to design a set of cascading planning systems from corporate through to daily plans. Coverage includes the components of a strategy and how to develop and prioritise initiatives. It also examines how best to implement strategy.

Organisational Systems

A look at the six key “people” systems within an organisation. The course assists people to design planning systems, task defining, assigning, & monitoring systems, role defining systems, and performance assessment systems.

Group & Individual Work Structures

The course focuses on the nature of work within an organisation. It covers the different levels of work, structural requirements and issues with structure. The objective of the course is to provide an understanding of organisational work leading to effective structural design.

Role Components & Relationships

Poor role clarity is a fundamental cause of ineffective cooperation across an organisation. This course assists people to understand the components of roles and the nature of role relationships.

Virtual Networks

Virtual networks are formal groups of people operating within the hierarchical structure of an organisation. Their major benefit is improved organisational performance through the more effective use of knowledge workers. This course introduces virtual networks and shows how they can be established within your organisation

Values and Behaviour

The values and those behaviours that demonstrate the values are fundamental to the culture of an organisation. This course explores the nature of values and related behaviours. It assists an organisation to define its value set.