Working with you to build a high performance organisation

We work in partnership with our clients and respect the stage of their organisational evolution. We offer a range of consultancy services all of which are tailored to your organisation. These include:

Organisational Diagnostic

A holistic view of your organisation – where are my strengths & weaknesses?

Wakefield & Associates will carry out a “health check” of your organisation to identify the key leverage points for improvement.
We will examine your mission, goals, value set, strategy, structure, capability portfolio, key systems (for example roles, accountability, authority, planning (cascading), task assignment, task monitoring & reporting, performance, communication, and client engagement systems), innovation capability, and the nature key networks and alliances.

The organisational diagnostic is critical to understanding your organisation’s opportunities and prioritizing initiatives.

Organisational Due Diligence

Assessing the nature and quality of the organisation before you merge or acquire it.

We will assess the nature and quality of the asset (from a people and systems perspective) prior to your merger or acquisition.
An assessment of this nature is just as critical as a financial assessment. Indeed, an organsiational assessment will show you how the financial performance is underpinned and where opportunities exist.

Developing Strategy

Wakefield & Associates have considerable expertise in developing an organisation’s strategy.

We will design the strategy development and planning processes, facilitate strategic workshops, and design the monitoring systems and processes to track the progress of your plans.
In addition, we will assist you to define your mission and key goals.

Strategic Analysis

A robust strategy is based on a thorough understanding of your organsiation’s current situation and the nature of where you want to be in the future.

Indeed, your strategy is simply a set of initiatives which will close the gap between your current position and your future (desired) state.
We will assist you to develop a baseline that allows insight into your current and desired situation and provides a sound basis to develop and prioritize initiatives.

We will also carry out specific investigations to support the development of your strategy (for example, market analysis, stakeholder reviews, and benchmarking)

Assessing Strategy

How good is your current strategy? Wakefield & Associates have a range of tools and analytical techniques to assess the quality of your current strategy.

Implementing Strategy (Major Project Management)

A great strategy poorly implemented is of little value.
Wakefield & Associates are experts in strategy implementation and major project management. We will assist you to design the implementation systems and structures (alliances & networks) and develop the capability set to successfully implement your strategy. In addition, we will lead or assist you directly with specific project implementation.

Designing the Organisations Structure

Hierarchy, matrix, networks, functional or product based – what best supports your strategy?

Your organisational structure and the nature of the relationships (both vertical and cross-functional) that it supports are critical to strategic implementation. We will review and design (if necessary) your structure and assist you to define the nature of the relationships therein.

Establishing Role Clarity, Accountability & Authority

It is absolutely essential that all members of your organisation understand the work of their roles and their accountabilities. As well, they must have the requisite authority to carry out their roles.
Poor role clarity leads to confusion, frustration and undermines organisational effectiveness.

Wakefield & Associates examines roles systemically; looking at the nature of organisational work at the different levels in the organsaition and establishing systems that support accountability and role realtionships.

Leveraging Collective Intelligence

Your organisation is unlikely to be able to do all the work that it needs to do to achieve its goals; it will depend critically on many key alliances and networks.

Wakefield & Associates will assist you to define the nature of these alliances and networks and design the systems that will ensure their effective operation. In today’s knowledge-based organisations virtual networks are critical to an organisation’s success. We have particular expertise in the establishment of virtual networks.

Developing the Key Organisational Systems

All organisations have many “people” systems, however, there are six key systems that your organisation must get right if it is to succeed. These are planning, role defining, task defining, task assignment, task monitoring, and performance monitoring systems.

Wakefield & Associates will review the nature and quality of these systems within your organisation and assist you to refine them where appropriate.

Facilitating Organisational Change

Wakefield & Associates have been involved in several change programs within both commercial and public companies. We design the change process on the basis of the organisational diagnostic and your organisation’s strategy.

In general terms, the prime change vehicle will be either highly directive (hard wiring, breakthrough goal, or dive down deep) or highly involving (process change, short interval, multi-cycle learning, or skills-driven).

Creating an Innovative Organisation

For many organisations innovation is the cornerstone of their competitive advantage. Wakefield & Associates will assist you to become an innovative organisation by designing the appropriate environment for innovation, the innovation processes, and the innovation capability.

Leveraging Intellectual Property (IP)

Most organisations sell what they make or do; they rarely sell what they know. Wakefield & Associates can carry out an IP audit and advise you on how to leverage this intangible asset