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Experts in Organisational Performance & Strategy Implementation

There are several forces operating to change the way we do work within our organisations. Principal among these forces are the increasing demand for knowledge workers, talent shortages, international mobility, an ageing workforce, and increasing specialization.

To accommodate these forces organisations must not only change but continually adapt. It is not surprising that we are witnessing greater flexibility, increased outsourcing, and an increased focus on networks and alliances.

Wakefield & Associates have developed an integrated set of principles, models, and tools designed to assist organisations to maximize their performance in response to the changing work environment.

In our view, many organisations fail to consider some fundamental principles of how humans interact with each other to get work done.
Organisations need to adopt the same systematic approach, in-depth analysis and conceptual rigour to developing an organisation’s ability to implement strategy as goes into the process of developing strategy.

Through our association of highly capable and experienced consultants we work in partnership with organisations over long periods of time. We offer consultancy, training, and coaching services across public, commercial, and not-for-profit organisations both within Australia and internationally.